How to keep using old and cheap hardware. Or how I bricked my QNAP and moved on to Debian

25 February 2022

Have had some time off from this site. Part 5-7 of my short series have to wait a bit longer

In the meantime, I'm going to tell you about when I was trying to put Debian on an old QNAP NAS I had lying around.

It not turn out as planned....


How I run this site - part 4 of 7 - Aspell

24 May 2021

The next step is spellchecking.

For this I use Aspell. Aspell is a Free and Open Source (FOSS) spell checker. If you run a Linux distro Aspell is most surely installed.


How I run this site - part 3 of 7 - Markdown

7 December 2020

Simple texfiles with basic formatting.


How I run this site - part 2 of 7 - GitHub

20 November 2020

I work from several different computers from different places.
It is always a challenge to know how to always work with the latest version of a file. How to keep everything up to date on all computers.
Additionally, you may want to save different versions of files for recordkeeping.


How I run this site - part 1 of 7 - philosophy

11 November 2020

My philosophy when it comes to this website is that here the content should be in focus, and not distracting graphics and cool effects.

I have observed in the last couple of years that more and more "text-only" websites are popping up.


So why GOTO 10?

2 November 2020

My first experience with computers goes back to 1983. For my birthday my parents gave me a Commodore 64.
I was hooked from the first day.
After playing games for a while I started looking into what else I could do with this magic box.