How I run this site - part 4 of 7 - Aspell

24 May 2021

So I have told you the philosophy behind this website, how I source control the files with Git and how I write and format the text using Markdown. But there are still some steps left before I can publish the finished HTML files.

The next step is spellchecking.

For this I use Aspell. Aspell is a Free and Open Source (FOSS) spell checker If you run a Linux distro Aspell is most surely installed. You can check by running the following command in you terminal: which aspell Should Aspell for some reason be missing you will find installation instructions on their website.

Aspell comes with a big variety of options, commands and filters. You can for example specify if the file is a Perl, LaTex or HTML file. And you can of course specify the language.

I run it simple. I just check one file for English in interactive mode. It is just like running a spell check in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

The syntax for this is (md is Markdown file extension): aspell check

When checking your file you will get suggestions for errors, you can change/change all, ignore/ignore all or for example add a custom word to your personal dictionary.

Next time I will show you how to automatically create a HTML page from your Markdown file.