How I run this site - part 1 of 7 - philosophy

11 November 2020

My philosophy when it comes to this website is that here the content should be in focus, and not distracting graphics and cool effects.

I have observed in the last couple of years that more and more "text-only" websites are popping up.
This does not mean that you should not use graphics and images where it is necessary to illustrate, but here the main focus is on content - the text.

In this small introductory series of 7 parts, I will explain how I operate and manage this website.

My main idea and philosophy is that I will do this with simple Linux tools so that I do it from anywhere (for example SSH from any machine), and that I use a file format that will be viable in the future. Not a format that will be gone in a few years.

I will strive to have the page in an HTML format that can be interpreted correctly by most (all?) Browsers.

Soon comes part 2 which describes the text editor I use.