> 10 PRINT "Hello World"
  > 20 GOTO 10
  > RUN
  > Hello World
  > Hello World

Rotating distros on my daily driver

3 May 2024

I really want to get to know more distros, and I've been thinking a bit about how to go about this.

I have way too many computers. Here, it's all about Linux, Mac, and Windows. New and old ThinkPads. Raspberrry Pis, hacked QNAPs, and more. Windows is primarily for work (not optional). Mac because I sometimes need access to that platform. But mainly, I try to use Linux privately. Mostly, it's Debian, and a bit of Ubuntu.

When I'm curious about something new, I grab an old laptop, install the distro, and try it out for an evening or two. Then it gets forgotten. That way, I don't really learn anything new. I mean - how much of an impression can you get in a few hours?

So, I've been thinking of working a bit more systematically with this.

I found a retired Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 1 that I've had lying unused.

The idea I've had is that I'll now use this as my main computer, and switch distros every 3 months.

That way, hopefully, I'll get to know the distro quite well.

Additionally, it'll keep me constantly working on improving my setup, and how efficiently and quickly I can set up a new computer. Have I made sure to store all config files in GitHub, etc.?

Fedora 40 was just released, and I've never really used Fedora. So that'll be my new "daily driver" for the next 3 months before I switch to something else. So far, I've only been running Fedora today since setting up the laptop, but the first impression is good.

Excited to see how this turns out. Do I have a good enough setup ready to configure the machine with all the accesses I need quickly? This will be a learning and improvement process.

And which OS will be next in 3 months? ......